Windows Media Center is one of the best ways (if not the best) of enjoying PC on the TV and it’s native apps look great on the big screen but there are some programs and webapps that you want to run which are not native addins but you still want to be able to launch them from Media Center. This is where Relaunch comes in, the small two foot app enables you to add shortcuts to the Windows Media Center extras menu. You can add web shortcuts (works with Chrome,IE,Firefox and Opera) or applications (like iTunes, Boxee or Hulu). When a shortcut is selected from Windows Media Center the app launches and Media Center minimized, once the application exits you are taken back to Media Center.

The app is free and available from

Relaunch is a 2 foot app that will add a link in the extras library that launches a program (like hulu) or a web app (like  Once the program or webapp has been exited relaunch brings media center back into focus.


4 thoughts on “Relaunch tool enables program launching from Windows Media Center”
    1. I think this app is great, I have wanted an easy way to link to the BBC Weather web site for it’s video forecast as the wife often wants to catch the weather on news 24.

      Thanks to the developer chrishalebarnes

      1. Great to hear it is useful for anyone but myself 🙂 Feel free to make some suggestions or report problems at my website or on the google code page.

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