Welcome to TDL Mobile Show 88!

After an extended leave of absense, (which we are truly sorry for), we return with a bumper, jam packed, 2 hour show for you all.

This week starting where we left off last time Sheldon gives us his first impressions of the HP TouchPad which he picked up in the fire sale, Jose gets angry about updates and Jase discloses his continuous love for Apple products.

We also look at the big news since we last spoke including Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) roll out, Amazons all new Kindle and Fire tablet, what we think of Windows 8 and our predictions for the iPhone 5 event next week.

We hope you enjoy the show and as always please get in touch with your views, feedback and ideas.

Show Notes:
HP Discovers The Wonderful Power Of Scarcity, And The TouchPad Lives On
HP boots out Leo; in with Meg
No More Speculation, Apple Announce iPhone 5 Event
Video: Hands on with a Acer Iconia Tab running Windows 8
Building Windows 8
Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Starts Rolling Out
Brandon Watson Announces Migration from 7712 to 7720 – Angry Birds Relief!
T-Mobile UK Samsung Omnia 7 Mango update still in testing
Windows Phone Web Marketplace
Exploring Windows Phone 7.5’s Web Marketplace. And a surprise new feature!
New Twitter contact problem with Mango – Resolved while recording
HTC Titan and Radar WP7 Mango phones revealed, we go hands-on
Samsung’s Omnia W: Mango
Microsoft signs Android patent and Windows Phone marketing deal with Samsung
Ice Cream Sandwich video leaked
Samsung Launches Samsung GALAXY Note
Moto XOOM2
Amazon Kindle Fire
Kindle Touch
$79 Kindle
IDC: Amazon may have just radically redrawn the tablet market

Looking ahead:
Google/Samsung Event October 11th
Nokia World 2011 October 26-27, London

App of the Week:
Jon – Orange FilmToGo (iOS)
Jase – WhatsApp on WP7

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