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Hot of the heals of the latest My Movies for Windows Media Center is My Movies 2.10 PR4 for Windows Home Server 2011. This new version is just for the 2011 version of Windows Home Server, for the original version of Home Server you need version 2.0. In this build it looks like being mainly bug fixes.

My Movies Collection Manager has been updated to 4.02 PR3

Download from MyMovies.dk


My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 4

Fix: If a backup database failed, it could be left in an invalid state, which could give issues.
Fix: Transcoder service had wrong version set, which could cause problems with upgrades.
Fix: Conversion jobs with error kept looping for ever.
Fix: Video Converter High Profile changed for support of files larger than 4GB.
Fix: Filenames from conversion xml profiles was not always used in naming of output file.
Fix: Mismatch in comparison when searching for shares on HWS2011 server.
Fix: Definition cleanup at start of general service is now in own thread.
Fix: Video converter service did not set to not autostart when you asked it to.

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