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Media Browser the popular media addin for Windows Media Center has been updated to version 2.5 (codename Hydra). The new version (which replaces version 2.3.2) has the the usual bug fixes and includes some new features.

Hydra represents a complete re-structuring of some of the internals of Media Browser. It also contains some key bug fixes and performance improvements. See details below.


  • The biggest change in Hydra is something that should be completely transparent to the user but should yield performance improvements and provides us with some great capabilities going forward. It is that we now use a SQL database for our cache. This means the old “ExperimentalSQLite” option in the config is now defunct as all systems will use SQL.
  • Several other internal improvements have been made that should mean MB is more responsive and reliable for everyone.
  • MB can now recover from your network shares not being available without causing all your metadata to “disappear”. It is still basically designed to operate on available media but you should no longer have the issue of your whole library being deleted and re-added just because you brought it up when your server was not available.
  • The context menu system can now support sub-menus. This will allow plug-ins to better organize their options within the context menu.
  • MB now has screen saver functionality. There is a built-in default saver and more can be added via plug-ins.
  • The recent added/watched lists now “roll-up” TV episodes into series groupings so, if you add 30 episodes from a single series at once, it won’t take over the whole list.
  • Showing the splash screen before an external player has been split as a separate option from the minimize one. Also, you can define your own splash by putting the appropriate image in the IBN/General folder as “splash.png” (only png supported).
  • A number of issues with backdrops not being properly inherited for TV on the recent lists and in index views have been addressed.
  • The imagecache should shrink in size as we have changed how we are handling it as well.

You can find a complete list of changes here and get the download from


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