LoveFiLM have released an iPad app that enables movie streaming on the iPad. If you have one of their streaming packages you can now browse their film list and watch them on the iPad. I have a basic package so I wasn’t able to rent a film but I could watch film trailers which despite my crappy BT Internet connect worked pretty well. If you have a £5.99 or higher package your all set to go.

With the app you can watch movies and trailers, rate movies, read reviews, and browse the DVD/Bluray collection,

The app is from the app store and LoveFiLM have a video demo on their site.

This is how you get started:

Download the LOVEFiLM Player app and open it. Then, either link to your account, or sign up to a Light use £5.99 (excluding Games) package or above. Streaming on the LOVEFiLM Player app requires iOS 4.3 or above. You may need to upgrade your operating system.




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