DVBLogic have released DVBLink v4 Release Candidate 1. The interesting thing to notice with this release is that DVBLink Home Server has been scrapped and folded into to DVBLink Connect.

This version has lots of fixes and as ever you can download from


The DVBLink v4 products get Release Candidate status! Now including DVBLnk Connect! Server.

The life of DVBLink Home Server was colorful but short lived. After careful consideration we have decided to scrap DVBLink Home Server and include its functionality into DVBLink Connect! Server.

What is new and fixed since beta2:

– Fixed: Teletext and subtitles in MediaCenter
– Fixed: Unstable (sometimes hanging) DVBLink configuration webpage
– Added: Authentication mechanism for web configuration access (defaults are user/admin)
– Fixed: PC wit Medaicenter running DVBLink does not go to sleep (powercfg reporting ehrecvr running)
– Added: Smart channel mapping
– Added: Channel (sub)name search in channel tree
– Added: MC Guide Services is a normal EPG source now (see notes for special import instructions for MC Guide Services EPG mapping)

DVBLink TVSource:
– Added: Device properties dialog
– Added: Import settings from other tuner

DVBLink for IPTV:
– Playlist retrieval from http
– Automatic channel mapping for DVBLink for IPTV

DVBLink Connect! Server:
– Fixed: Playready message appearing on a network clients when they wake up from standby

How to install
There is no update possible for those who have installed beta1 or beta2. You must uninstall everything and install new version from the scratch. Please do backup of your configuration before uninstalling so that you can restore it later. Also think about the contents of your plugins and xmltv folders.
There is no need to delete Mediacenter database. Just re-do TV Setup after DVBLink installation.

– Access to DVBLink configuration web-page is protected with a password. The defaults are: login: user, password: admin
– all 8 DVBLink Tuners must be configured during TV Setup phase in MediaCenter (even if you have only one physical tuner/source)
– DVBLink Configuration web page is compatible with the following Browsers: IE9, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera. Please note that IE8 is not (and will not be) supported.
– DVBLink Connect! Server does not include own recorder yet (more info – in a separate topic)
– DVBLink Connect! Server does not have Web interface for live TV / EPG management. It will be included in v 4.1.
– DVBLink Connect! Server includes support for Android, WinPhone and IPhone/IPad apps. Availability of apps is different for each platform. more information is available in a separate topic: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=14263
– Versions of all binaries should be

MC Guide Services import instructions

Since MC Guide Services has become a separate source now, its EPG channel mapping will not be imported automatically during restore operation. There are several (easy) manual steps that have to be done:
– Add MC Guide Services EPG source in DVBLink web configuration interface
– Stop dvblink server Windows service
– open dvblink_configuration.xml in a text editor
– under <sources> tag find your newly added MC Guide Services EPG source and note its guid – e.g. a big string between <guid></guid> tags
– open dvblink_channel_storage.xml in text editor and replace all occurrences of 41B6878B-AA9C-48D0-B0FF-E1AE48776D64 with the guid of your new MCV Guide Services source
– save dvblink_channel_storage.xml and close a text editor
– start dvblink server Windows service

If these instructions feel like too complex to do – just add a new MC Guide Services EPG source and re-map your channels on the EPG Sources tab of DVBLInk web configuration interface.

For additional information please refer to the release notes of beta1 and beta2:

DVBLink v4 RC1 products can be downloaded here:
DVBLink TVSource: …
DVBLink Connect! Server: …
DVBLink for IPTV: …
DVBLink for Dreambox: …

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