DVBLogic have opened up the DVBLink APIs so developers can create DVBLink clients.  The APIs are the ones DVBLogic use for the own clients so there is plenty of scope for developers to create rich clients on top of the DVBLink platform.

With the APIs developers can access TV channels, EPG info, parental control and live TV playback. I can’t wait to see what developers come up with, more details in the DVBLogic forums


DVBLink Remote API

DVBLink Connect! Server provides DVBLink Remote API – an Application Programming Interface to build thin PVR clients. The API is programming language independent and based on open http/xml standards. We at DVBLogic use this API to create all of our clients for different platforms – WinPhone, Android, IPhone, Boxee etc.

DVBLink Remote API provides the following functionality:
– TV channel list retrieval
– EPG information retrieval
– Recording timers management (scheduling, overview and deleting)
– Live TV playback
– DVBLink Server parental control access

The DVBLink Remote API description is available here:

We welcome and encourage 3rd party developers to create their own clients for DVBLink Connect! Server.

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