When it comes to playing videos on the iPad if the video is not in the native iPad format I tend to VLC player, but this isn’t available on the iPad any more so I was interested to see a new app called “It’s Playing 2.0.” This app will play FLV,AVI,MKV,OGG and WMV (I haven’t tried WTV files yet) and it does AC3 sound and subtitles. There are a whole range of features including adjustments for colour, contracts, brightness and sound so you can adjust the playback to suite the video file.

The app costs $1.99/ £1.49 from iTunes

Play all video and audio formats commonly available on the web — including AVI, RMVB, MKV and FLV (Flash Video)

— What’s so special about It’s playing —
iPads, iPhones and iPods have great video capabilities. On latest models you can even shoot and encode high resolution video and stereo sound in real time.
The problem with most videos available on the Internet – sent by email, or on web sites – is that they don’t use the formats handled natively by iOS (mpeg4 and h264).

Decoding and playing videos are among the most resource-hungry tasks that computers perform today. When playing high-resolution, high-bit rate movies, devices often lack the necessary resources to decode and show one or more frames on time. These issues can result in noticeable pauses or in desynchronization between sound and image. It really depends on the player you are using.

What differentiates It’s playing, apart from pricing and the quality of the user interface, is the engine that takes advantage of the outstanding hardware and operating system it runs on.
AdditionFlow© is our optimized process for making sure that you get more video frames more synchronized with the audio, ensuring the best viewing experience.







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