When it comes to converting Windows Media Center recorded TV files for use with my iPad there are a few different options but the one I find easiest to use is Simple.TV. The service is really simple, it watches a folder you select and it automatically converts the show to an iPad friendly format which you can copy to a device via iTunes. It works well with the only drawback being the conversion time (an hour show took nearly an hour to convert)

The service has been in beta but this week the release version has been launched, there is a charge for the service at $29  and a free trial but if you want to watch Recorded TV files on your iOS device then this is a really simple way doing it.

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One thought on “Windows Media Center TV to iPad Converter Simple.TV out of beta”
  1. This conversion software sounds pretty user-friendly but my question is how do you get your recorded TV show onto your computer in the first place? I’m just curious because I have DISH and they offer an app that lets me watch shows from their library, my recordings, and live TV on my iPad with my Sling Adapter. They don’t have anything that lets me store my recordings on my iPad or computer yet. Don’t get me wrong, I use my employee subscription to log in on my laptop and use the app so I can watch stuff all the time and really think it’s awesome.

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