Welcome to another show, Garry was unavailable this week (we need to bail him out) so its just Andrew and I this week. We talk CableCARD, Skype addin for Window Media Center, Amulet’s Kinect demo for Media Center, no Dolby in Windows 8, HP Touchpad, Google TV, Home Server news, iPlayer and we talk over your email.

Make sure you checkout the other podcast from TDL, TDL Mobileis a great show where they talk about the latest Windows Phone, Apple, WebOS and Android phone news.

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2 thoughts on “The Digital Lifestyle Show #315 – Going to leave this bit in”
  1. I think I would cancel my Love Film subscription and sign up with Netflix instead especially if I could use the official Netflix Media Center add-in. I must be lucky with my 37Mbps BT Infinity broadband connection!

  2. WOW! OMG!
    I honestly never thought I’d here any words beginning with i leave your mouth. iPhone iPad LOVE it…

    As a secret silent longtime lover of Of court, I’ve been trying to keep up to date and just wanted to say THANK GOD you’ve finally began the transition from the dark side! 😉

    Keep up the good work Mister !!

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