New Windows Media Center addin enables viewing of Travel Webcams in Media Center


If you want to view webcams from different parts of the world in Windows Media Center then here is an addin that maybe good for you. Webcams for Media Center is a new addin that enables you tselect different travel webcams from around the world, view them on a map and show the images in full screen


Here is a short list of the features:

  • Every 5 seconds the WebCam will be changed
  • Shows a map with the position of the WebCam
  • Screenshot of the WebCam
  • The WebCams can be configured

Some important informations:

  • It’s a Beta – be carefull
  • The Add-in has been developed in german. So not all textes have been translated so far
  • I have tested the Add-in on my Windows 7, 64Bit Media Center
  • The configuration file WebCam.xml ist stored in this folder “c:\ProgramData\Keintzel\WebCam Viewer\”
  • The weather information and the maps are from Google
  • The screenshots will be stored in this folder “My Pictures\WebCam Viewer Screenshots”

The download:!2402

via WEF

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