Growl is a notification system for OS X and Windows,  applications can use Growl to display small notifications about events and Ian Rathbone has developed a Growl addin for Windows Media Center. You can send Media Center event notifications like Recorded Started, errors and conflicts. The addin enables you to select which events you want notifying on, so you could get notification in an iPad using Boxcar.

You can download via Ian’s Blog

So what does it do?

Extract the zip to a directory. Run the app and it will register with Growl if you have it running (probably best). Check the boxes for the events you want to be notified of, enable the text file log if you want and minimise the app.

Caveats / Todos:

  • I’m running Windows 7 and haven’t tested it on anything else
  • No you can’t customise the actual growl text, but this wouldn’t require a dramatic change to get this in should I find time
  • No right click tray icon menu

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