There is a new version of popular espn3WMC addin available. The new version fixes problems with ESPN blocking media centre and also has a fullscreen mode. You can get the app from

A new version of the ESPN3 add-in is now available on This version opens up a new browser window to play back the sporting event selected. This approach was implemented as a workaround since video playback within WMC was blocked by ESPN. Even though I contacted ESPN and asked for the community’s help in regards to fixing this, no solution was presented.

Since the video is now played outside of WMC and in a browser window, I also created a greasemonkey script that plays the video in fullscreen on page load (something the original version could not do). The script can be found here:


3 thoughts on “espn3WMC update now available”
  1. would it be possible for you to note geographical restrictions on your reviews? i’m forever trying to determine which work in the UK, i assume this is another that doesn’t?

    1. Mark that is a really good point. I will certainly do my best to do so on my reviews.

      I believe you are right and this is only US (or with a VPN to US)

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