Boxee Box Firmware Updated to 1.2 adds Airplay support



In addition to the Boxee iPad app I wrote about today there is an update to the Boxee Box firmware. The new version adds Mac OS X Lion support, improved HTML5 support and add Airplay support, so you can send video from an iOS device to the TV via the Boxee Box.

Details from the Boxee Blog

Boxee Box 1.2

In addition to the iPad goodness, we are also releasing a firmware update to the Boxee Box.
The update will roll out over the next few days to all users and includes:

  • Filtering premium sources in the library such as Vudu, HBO Go, etc
  • New “Featured Apps” section
  • Updated App categories
  • NFS and AFP support (and improved SMB/CIFS support)
  • Improved HTML5 support in the browser
  • Support for OS X Lion as a source for video files
  • Option to receive “Beta Releases” of the firmware

As always there is a long list of bugs we squashed. Check out the full release notes.

Boxee Labs

We’ve also got something from the “wouldn’t it be cool if Boxee could..” department – one of our engineers has been playing around with AirPlay and we’ve included it as an experimental part of this release. When you click on the AirPlay button on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch you will now see your Boxee Box as one of the target devices. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Driving Towards The Future

So just to recap – as of today you can now:

  • bookmarklet something on your computer at work,
  • watch the start of it on your iPad 3G on the evening commute,
  • send it to your Boxee Box once you get home,
  • then control it with your iPhone

We are starting to put the pieces together. Going beyond the Box and back again. Lots more that we have cooking. We have a vision for where TV is going and we are taking more and more steps in that direction. Stay tuned.

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