I spotted an issue that may be effecting some Windows Media Center users.  Movies recorded by Media Center that were made in 2010 or 2011 are not downloading the coverart and are showing as the default Movie image in Media center.  It looks like the problem is related to the service that Media Center uses to obtain its cover art from which has changed it’s URL but Windows Media Center is still trying to use its old URL.   While its only a minor issue it frustrating if you like to keep your Media Center looking nice.

I am sure Microsoft could fix it and Jay from the Windows Expert Forums has created a bug report on Microsoft’s Connect site where you can vote for the fix, so if you having the same issue take a look at the item and vote  for it.

More info on the Windows Expert Forum thread

On newer movies (2010 & 2011), most are not downloading coverart, just a light blue background with a silver DVD image.
I’ve gotten feedback from other people who are having the same problem. It appears it may be related to Media Center downloading cover art from allmovie.com which is now pointing to a different site (allrovi.com I believe).

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  1. Clarification:

    WMC actually downloads the cover art from a Microsoft server, which appears to have the covers cached from allmovie. Allmovie was shut down and replaced by allrovi. My theory is that the Microsoft server is not connecting to allrovi to get the covers. It’s just a theory though.

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