If you see an update for your Zune HD when you connect it to your PC don’t get to excited its not a major update or sign that development is continuing with the Zune HD its just a SSL security fix that had previously been issues for Windows Phones.  According to Paul Thurrott the Zune HD build is going from 4.5.109 to 4.5.114

There are also a handful of new apps for the Zune HD that Microsoft released last week

You may recall that Microsoft previously issued an SSL-based security fix for Windows Phone, some months after doing so for mainstream Windows versions. Now, that fix is available for the Zune HD as well. But don’t get too excited, Zune fans—as you tend to any time something Zune-related happens—as this doesn’t represent a renewal of support for your favorite media player. There’s a version of the fix coming for KIN, too

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