Welcome to Show 84!

This week Jon and Jase look at some new upcoming Mango phones which the manufacturers didn’t want us to see.  We also investigate why 34% of iPhone owners think their phone is 4G and what the next generation of app market could be.

Sorry there was no live stream this week, we didn’t arrange it in time but we will make sure we sort it out for next week.

We are also planning TDL Mobiles 2nd birthday celebrations for 2 weeks time, so if you have any ideas for a show let us know.

Show Notes:

Comments from Show 82 & 83
Microsoft reveals new Samsung Windows Phone Mango device – Then realises they weren’t allowed to get new phones on video after all!
Microsoft testing Windows Phone Twitter integration internally
WP7: Mango to be released in September (or earlier!)
Microsoft outlines vision for combining Windows and Windows Phone
Windows 8: Genius or Insanity?
34% Of iPhone Owners Think Their Phone Is 4G
Jon Rubinstein no longer in charge of webOS
HP TouchPad 4G for AT&T hands-on
Hannspree cheapo tablet gets cheaper!
Hannspree Hannspad Honeycomb tablet due in Q3 2011
The web strikes back
Android up, Symbian down

Apps of the Week:

My first WP7 app: Speedo Plus by @LongZheng

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