Welcome to Show 83!

This week we are trialling something new and live streaming the show, it was a bit late notice so not sure if anybody got to listen in but it seemed to go well so we`ll give you all some further notice next week so you can join in.

On the show this week Sheldon and Jase talk about their experiences testing out the beta of Windows Phone 7s Mango update beta.  We also look at some other WP7 news, why we shouldn’t count RIM out just yet, is the Amazon tablet iminent and a bargain basement Android tablet that can be yours for under £150!

We hope you enjoy the show and as always please get in touch!

Show Notes:

Juicy Mango’s!
MS seem to give their blessing to hacking Mango onto old WinMo gear and here
Three reasons not to count RIM out yet…
Amazon planning to be number 2 in the tablet market this quarter…
Bargain basement tablets – Hannspree 10 Android 2.2 Hannspad £150 after cashback
Update brief – Samsung Focus R1.4
Navigation improvements coming in Mango
Microsoft wants Samsung to pay smartphone license: report
Report: Microsoft wants $15 per Android handset

Apps of the Week:

Jon – Meteor Media Center Remote for WP7
Sheldon – Dual Battery Widget (great for Eee pad owners)
Jason – BBC Radio 1 Player for WP7

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