New Sonos device on the way: S3 Play


Amazon seem to have  given the game away on a new Sonos player which Sonos may be releasing soon. The S3 or S3 Player will retails for $299 is smaller than the current S5 device and has al amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid range drivers and 1 bass radiator and measures 12.3 x 9.5 x 8.6 inches.  I am looking to get a Sonos S5 for myself and may be tempted by the smaller S3.

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Technical Details

  • Hear every song you have and discover more with access to over 100,000 free radio stations and shows worldwide
  • Easily connects to your wireless router with included ethernet cable or wirelessly anywhere with addition of Sonos Bridge
  • Start with one, expand everywhere – wireless expandability to play different songs in different rooms or play together in sync
  • Plays digital music with HiFi sound with 3 driver speaker system, 3 digital amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid range drivers and 1 bass radiator
  • Control from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet – works with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Sonos controller
  • Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.5 x 8.6 inches ; 7.7 pounds

Product Description

  • The smaller, sexier, tuck in a corner and blow out the roof, all-in-one player. Wirelessly stream your entire itunes library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations from around the world. Versatile enough to put anywhere and still fill the room with sound. Set up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music. All playing a different song in every room or the same song in perfect synchronization. Control it all from your Android iPhone or iPad using the free Sonos CONTROL app.

3 thoughts on “New Sonos device on the way: S3 Play

  1. An interesting release. Compare this with the Squeezebox Radio product – clearly Sonos are betting on using people’s smartphones and tablets to deliver the music browsing and selection capability. It’s probably a good bet.

    Personally I’d also like something that fits into a corner, a bit like the old Bose Wave Radios (at least in form factor).

    1. You mention squeezebox which catch my eye. I’ve been interested and very impressed with Sonos since day one years ago but it was a bit expensive…… Squeezebox as well but not so much. What I like and need (of both of them) is zone synchronizing. So i use SB …and to the point….they do have the squeezeplay app and now have a supported andriod app. There is also a really great third party ipad and iphone/touch app. By the way is there anyone else doing synchronized network audio in a reliable way …truly wife except able that you know of???

      1. I just bought a sonos system. Its pretty cool to control it with your phone, accessing all my music is easy. The trouble is synchronization. The synch is fine between the sonos units, but the problem is that I have one running through my home theater system (the ZP90), and there’s an inherent delay in amplifiers processor. There’s no way to add a delay on the other Sonos units. So basically, if I get an intolerable delay effect in the two rooms adjacent to my TV room. I called Sonos, they offer no solutions. My vision of music blaring thoughout the house has yet to materialize…

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