New Blackgold BGT3650 quad DVB-T/DVB-T2 Tuner


On the podcast over the last few weeks we have talk with increasing confusion about Blackgold’s range of tuner cards.  There was the dual DVB-S2/DVB-T2 card called the BGT 3600 and the low profile BGT3630 and now there is a new tuner the BGT3650.

This card is a quad DVB-T and DVB-T2 tuner which will enable you to record 4 Freeview HD at once in the form of a single PCI-e card. This will make it a great choice for Windows Media Center users looking to get the most out of a single PCI-e slot

The card is listed as available in August.

Thanks to Russell for the help in working out what is what!


Anticipated OEM availability Aug 11.

The BGT3650 is the world’s premium multi-channel tuner, digital demodulator, analogue capture, intelligent remote PCI-express PCTV product, implemented on a miniature platform. The  product is capable of receiving standard and high definition digital broadcast program content, including the new UK Freeview channels. It is designed to transform a personal computer into the ultimate audio video entertainment system, supporting external video streams and worldwide HD broadcast streams.
Hardware receiver support – world standard analogue terrestrial (PAL, NTSC, CECAM), quad digital terrestrial including both DVB-T and DVB-T2, dual digital cable DVB-C.  Giving 4 simultaneous HD terrstrial streams from a single low profile card.
Hardware external video – Composite video CVBS, S-video, Component video YPbPr, Component video RGB
Hardware remote – IR remote receiver, learning receiver, remote S3 wake-up (OEM special order only, not with standard product. This is an option if a system builder requires a remote control other than the normal Microsoft Media Center remote USB IR sensor used for most systems)
Hardware profile – Miniature profile solution exceptionally low real estate, supporting compact half height and full height PC systems. (109mm x 69mm PCB outline including PCI-e fingers)
The BGT3650 is the perfect Windows 7 Media Center and other high end PVR application TV partner. No other product provides the maximum number of terrestrial tuners on a single platform.
1. 32 and 64 bit Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA) WHQL drivers
2. Infra Red remote control including S3 wakeup from remote control (OEM special order only, not with standard product. This is an option if a system builder requires a remote control other than the normal Microsoft Media Center remote used for most systems. It is not required by most users and is only available for high volume special order. Windows S3 Wake-up is standard on ALL BlackGold products and is not dependant on the BlackGold Remote.)
3. Special Media Center support for tuning and scanning of DVB-C channels
4. External video equipment connection via an audio/video adapter cable supporting composite video –yellow  phono  connector, S video – mini DIN connector  and stereo audio –  red/white phono connectors (Currently Media Center does not support Component Video RGB)

The product has been architected to allow simultaneous management of four broadcast program streams. Hardware tuner and demodulator technology supports the detection, receiving and processing of HD terrestrial streams. The driver pack design allows operation with the broadest selection of PVR and Media Center applications; permitting the viewing, pausing and recording of multiple programs – dependent on the flexibility of the application multiple programs – dependent on the flexibility of the application.
UK operation supports all available Free-To-Air channels
All Freeview digital terrestrial (DVB-T & T2) TV and radio channels
All available analogue terrestrial TV channels.

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