Last month I wrote about a new Windows Home Server coming from HumuHumu and this week I received a review unit to take a look at.

The first thing you notice is the striking blue colour, the servers come in a range of colours including Red and Black but I like really like the blue shade.

The server comes with a USB recovery key as well as a quick start guide that walks you through getting started with Windows Home Server 2011. At the back of of the server there are plenty of connections including e-SATA, 4 USB port and VGA connections with 2 extra USB ports on the front of the machine.

I will be connecting the unit it and putting it through its paces later in the week.




Starting at £478.98 for:

OS Windows Home Server 2011
PROCESSOR Intel Atom 1.8Ghz 64bit
CONNECTIVITY Gigabit Ethernet
POWER 80 Plus Ultra Silent
WARRANTY 1 Year RTB Warranty

3 thoughts on “First Look at HumuHumu’s Windows Home Server 2011”
  1. With all major players gone from the WHS market. This 4th tier practically home brew standard box is all that’s left. WHS 2011 is such a stinko piece of software even Ms won’t own up to using it. WHS 2011 gives abandon-ware new meaning.

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