I downloaded the Facebook app for my Ipad today, I know what your all thinking, It will look horrible blown up from the Iphone size. Not If you have the Ipad version. Facebook recently released an update to their app for the Iphone which some clever bod figured out housed the Ipad version aswell.



Once logged in and the splash screen is dispensed with you are presented with your timeline



This looks a lot like the Iphone version, keeping the simple styling and the tabs across the top of Photo, Status and Check in however instead of going to another screen they show overlays so a quick status update can be added. The status updates still show as being send from an Iphone for now though.




If you turn the notifications screen landscape you get Facebook chat which is sadly missed from the Iphone version. I couldn’t seem to find a way to get at it in portrait mode though.



In portrait mode if you slide your finger right you get a menu on the left hand side, something you seem not to be able to do in landscape mode, this houses your menu items such as your profile, news feed, messages, events, places, friends, photos and groups.



Pictures are displayed like the inbuilt photo app which is certainly a good thing but they do not react the same way which would be the intuitive way to use it. you cannot use gestures to ‘pull apart’ pictures in a set you have to tap them.




Friends are easily managed and I love how it looks they can be scrolled through and easily added using the overlays at the top.





There are quick ways to things such as places and adding a comment these appear down the right hand side of the app this provides ones of my only problems with the app its restricted to the small cut out and you have to slide to see the whole thing, you can see this in the second picture below will it be rectified at release? we will see.




The individual pages look good too events and places are shown below




and of course your precious privacy settings can be edited and changed from the app



More im sure will follow as I use the application more this is just a quick overview an it is worth noting that this hasnt even been released yet offiially so subject to change.

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