It’s been a couple of weeks but here is beta 2 of DVBLink v4 . The new build has a number of fixes and includes DVBLink for IPTV and for Dreambox.

Here are the details from DVBLogic:

– 8 DVBLink tuners are now available in MediaCenter
– Removed FirstRun page from DVBLink tuner TV Setup in MediaCenter
– Fixed subnumbers not appearing in MediaCenter
– Fixed channels not removed from MediaCenter upon source removal
– Added cross links between sources/channel configurator pages and main landing page
– Added shifting channel numbering (e.g. when existing channel number is entered all existing channel numbers are shifted up)
– Added shortcut to DVBLink configuration to Windows Start menu

DVBLink TVSource
– ATSC support
– EPG scan configuration page
– Fixed incorrect default DVB codepage handling

DVBLink Home Server
– Fixed having to restart dvblink server after server standby
How to install
There is no update possible for those who have installed beta1. You must uninstall everything and install new version from the scratch. Please do backup of your configuration before uninstalling so that you can restore it later. Also think bout contents of your plugins and xmltv folders.
There is no need to delete Mediacenter database. Just re-do TV Setup after DVBLink installation.
– Internet Explorer may display DVBLink configuration pages incorrectly. We are working on it. In the meanwhile please use other browser (chrome, opera, firefox) to do the configuration.
– all 8 DVBLink Tuners must be configured during TV Setup phase in MediaCenter (even if you have only one physical tuner/source)
– DVBLink for Dreambox has been tested only with PLi images ( More specifically with OpenPLi v1.0 for enigma 1 and enigma 2 dreamboxes and older Pli Jade for DM500S.
– Playlists location for DVBLink for IPTV is now fixed to dvblink\playlists
– Versions of all binaries should be

For the additional information please refer to the release notes of beta 1:
Beta 2 of DVBLink v4 products can be downloaded here:
DVBLink TVSource: …
DVBLink Home Server: …
DVBLink for IPTV: …
DVBLink for Dreambox: …
Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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