At CES I saw a few example of Windows Media Center in Windows Embedded Standard 7 and I really liked how OEMs can customize Windows Media Center placing their own brand on their boxes. In a video over on MSDN Oliver Bloch demonstrates how OEMs can customize the look and feel. In the video he shows examples of a customized UI over the standard UI and how he totally changed the look and feel of Media Center including building a start page using Silverlight built with Expression Blend.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 allows Connected Media Devices manufacturers to leverage Media Center experience in their next generation of set-top boxes. Windows Embedded provides resources to allow them to customize this experience to make it unique. In this video you will discover what can be done to rebrand the experience, customize Media Center start menu with MCML or Silverlight and add custom applications and strips in the start menu

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  1. I m surprised nobody has made a awesome silverlight media center build with all the bells and whistles for the MCE enthusiasts to install and a small arm device, i would even play money for that especially if it had emucenter install on it!!

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