We have talked many times about the brilliant My Movies applications and how its grown from a small Windows Media Center addin to a platform supported on iOS, Windows Home Server and of course Windows Media Center. As development of My Movies 4 comes to a close and the team starts to think of My Movies 5 we have a great opportunity for you to submit your features requests for the new version.  In a few weeks Brian and Rasmus from the My Movies team will be guests on The Digital Lifestyle Show and they will be taking your feature requests and answering your questions about the My Movies products, it could be about the Windows Media Center edition, the Windows Home Server version or the iOS version.

So if you have questions about My Movies or want to have your suggestion for version 5 put forward go to the TDL Forums and leave your questions/suggestions in this thread, I will collate them together and Garry, Andrew and I will put them to the guys on the show. You can also send in your questions via twitter to @isdixon with #mymovies hashtag

9 thoughts on “Send In Your My Movies Questions And Feature Requests for Version 5”
  1. It would be awesome for my movies 5 if CM was turned a web interface for both WHSv1 and 2011, and have the Media center clients have there own kind of way to register the server or better yet ready the registry key for the WHS Server name and there you have auto configuration on the client.

  2. Hi

    My Movies 5…

    I’d like to see the iOS / Andriod remote control functions extended to be able to control and view the contents of the Media Center / WMP Music Library and select an extender / HTPC to play the music on.

    To be able to see the name / title of what’s Now Playing on a certain extender or HTPC via the My Movies remote.

    Be able to send messages to the Media Center(s) screen via the remote, e.g. kids go to sleep! Or please turn it down, starting to wish I hadn’t hooked up their extender to the Denon amp in their room lol.

    I like the idea of a web based Collection Management program as well as this would save you from RDP in to the HTPC just to open CM.

    I would really like the WHS V1 My Movies add-in to be updated to support the new TV Series monitoring for those of us not upgrading to WHS V2 any time soon. But this won’t happen.

    Support for Apple TV ? Not that I own one yet, but would buy one if My Movies ported over, as those Dune boxes are rather expensive.

    Play a random movie option

    Ability to rate your own movies with a star rating, you might be able to do this already? Not sure.

    Upcoming titles watch list – A method of being able to mark trailers and releases both in MCE and on the iOS app as wanted. Like the new Watch List on IMDB, so I then have a list of titles I would like to buy / watch etc in the future.

    More integration in to IMDB rating system, I’d like to the IMDB votes – X number out of ten for each movie etc in MCE.

    Well I think that’s all I can think of right now, please put these to Brian and the team.


  3. Is there a “play all” feature in the new TV Series area ?

    I’ve just added my daughters TV files in to My Movies and I’d like to be able to start playing a TV Series such as “In The Night Garden” and be able to select play all.

    I use to have them in the native 7MC Video Library and I was able to do this, now I cannot ?


  4. stuart yes, just go to the tv series in mm and press the play button before you go in, will give you all sorts of choices on playing.


  5. Question:
    I would like to know about licence options, I have my movies on my V1 box as the Tranquil PC AVA Software Package and Ripnet. Is it possible to use this licence on MM4 or do I have to pay

    Feature request:
    Recorded TV series support would be fantastic, you can sometimes get it to add metadata to things if you name them correctly and shoe horn some other data to it.

    Very much looking forward to the show.

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