eHomeUpgrade posted about a neat solution for controlling your A/V hear from an iPhone. The system is called Peel and  what is different about this solution is that you don’t plug anything in to your phone, its all done via a IR Blaster connected to your network. May other solution for the iPhone (like this one John reviewed) involve plugging an IR device into your iPhone which  has the disadvantage that the IR device can easily be lost and it can be inconvenient having to plug the device in when you get home.  Peel’s solution connects to your router and then your iPhone communicates to the controller via wifi with a free iPhone app and there is the is a IR blaster that you place in your living room.

The system costs $99.95 from the Apple Store and can control devices like the Apple TV, Roku, TV and Blu-ray players.

Peel invisibly controls your entire entertainment system: TV, cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, AV receiver, Apple TV®, Roku and more. There’s nothing to plug into your phone, and there’s no hassle with network passwords. In three simple steps, you’re controlling just about any home theater right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Peel app setupYour fruit is readyFire away

Peel App playback gesturePeel App

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