The are reports going around that Microsoft may be launching a Microsoft branded tablet next year. Seems digitimes reported that the plan is in consideration and that Microsoft will work with Texas Instruments and Taiwan-based OEMs/ODM on the project. Personally I can’t see Microsoft going down that route, they have tried producing their own hardware in the past with different of levels of success. The Xbox 360 is a great example of hardware and software working well together and being a best seller but the Zune and Kin lines are examples of devices that failed to sell well (but the Zune HD was a great device).  I think Microsoft’s main focus for Windows 8 will be the Windows anywhere and everywhere and that they will be working with OEMs to get Windows 8 on as many devices as possible including tablets, desktops and Notebooks,

I could see a Microsoft working closely with a company like Nokia to product a Windows 8 tablet but doing a Microsoft branded devices seems it be out of character for the way that Microsoft are working on platforms like Windows Phone 7.

If they do release a Windows 8 Tablet put my name down for one!

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