Yesterday Tony posted about the BBC move of their BBC HD and BBC1 HD to DVB-S2 which was causing some users problems getting the channels. For users of Hauppauge HVR-4400 cards or Nova-HD-USB2 all you need is the latest drivers but for HVR-4000 and NOVA-HD-S2 users Hauppauge have a tool to get the channels working.

To get it working you need the CD 2.3f (or later) drivers and their DVB-S2 patch (download link) and then follow the details on Hauppauge’s forum

Well spotted Brian Frost!

2 thoughts on “How to enable DVB-S2 in Windows 7 Media Center on HVR-4000 and NOVA-HD-S2”
  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t so easy for the Terratec S7. I still can’t get DVB-S2 to work in Media Center for Win7. And Terratec have been of NO help whatsoever. In fact, they say they don’t support MCE (even though they say they support Win7). Unless you’re using their own TV software (which is completely useless) or EyeTV, Terratec just don’t want to know.

    I’ve tried using DVBLogic to help, and it does indeed get DVB-S2 channels to work with the S7 in MCE, it just makes everything run WAY too slow on the machine – it’s only a ASROCK Ion HT330.

    So unless someone else can help, I may have to bin the S7 and look at another USB DVB-S2, maybe from Hauppauge…

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