I really like how Apple’s Airplay streaming system works but I want it to work with more devices that just the Apple TV. So I was really please to see a developer come up with a Airplay for Windows Media Center solution. The developer came up with a script to bridge the gap between Media Center and a 3rd party app called AirMediaPlayer which enables Airplay on a PC. As you can see from the video bellow it’s not exactly fully integrated but it does work, when you send a video to Media Center it paused the playback, minimises Media Center and start the playback from the iOS device. Once the video is complete you are returned to Media Center.

So I felt like doing some media center programming this morning. I thought about how cool it would be to get AirPlay working with media center. Unfortunately, my solution is not native to MCE but it seems to work ok. I read this TUAW article about AirMediaPlayer, which opened to the door. AirMediaPlayer was discontinued by the author without releasing the source code, which SUCKS. So I wrote an AutoIt script to bridge the gaps between MCE and AirMediaPlayer.

The developer has the install instructions on his blog and you can see it in action bellow


Thanks to Dale for the link

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