Kind of a sad day for Media Center enthusiast has been ported over the Windows Expert Community. It’s great that Microsoft have invested resources in a new community for Media Center enthusiasts but I am sad that the place where I met so many great enthusiast over the last 6 or 7 years has gone.  But the new site looks great and it’s not just a replacement for TBG there are also forums related to Windows and Windows Live

More info on the WindowsTeamBlog

A new site called The Windows Experts Community will be the place to find and collaborate with those knowledgeable experts. If you are a Windows Media Center enthusiast you’re probably familiar with a similar site called The Green Button that focused on Windows Media Center. has been a great example of just that type of interaction I love to see with so many smart people collaborating to extend and personalize the Windows Media Center experience. But we wanted to expand those great conversations, collaboration and sharing of knowledge to all topics related to Windows and Windows Live. The Windows Experts Community will incorporate the users and discussions from TGB as its base but will take the dialogue way beyond Windows Media Center.

Don’t forget that we have all new forums here on TDL that are waiting for you to join


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Complete Migration of TGB to the Windows Experts Community”
  1. I miss TGB!

    Hopefully the new site can somehow keep hold of the community feeling that had built up over so many years.

    Time will tell I guess…….

  2. Well, perhaps as you say, “the new site looks great”, but while is may look flashy, it’s a badly-designed piece of forum software; clunky to use and navigate.

    There’s already a list of nearly 50 issues that old TGB users have identified for improvement:

    And, although it’s a Microsoft site, it’s yet another forum system introduced alongside Microsoft Answers and – both of which are different in themselves. It would be nice if Microsoft could have one consistent forum platform shared across all their communities. They did it for Windows, it seems that for the Web they’ve turned their back on consistency…

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