Microsoft’s Channel 9 Site has a great tour of The Microsoft Home at the Redmond campus, as the home is not open to the public the video is an opportunity to see Microsoft’s video of future connected devices and interactive homes

I liked things like the Microsoft Surface for interacting with phones or watches, the Microsoft Surface was built in to the room without it looking like a giant digital coffee table. I also loved what could be a future version of Windows Media Center with interactive social media and entertainment.

It’s a shame that we can’t see some of the great UI work in Microsoft’s current products, but you never know what Windows 8 will bring!


Steve Clayton and Flora Goldthwaite give us an exclusive tour of The Microsoft Home.

The Microsoft Home, located on the Redmond campus in the Executive Briefing Center, is an envisioning of the family home in the very near future where connected experiences and devices take their next logical steps and beyond.

First opened in 1994, The Microsoft Home is maintained by a group of researchers under Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Craig Mundie, and is updated regularly.

Unfortunately The Microsoft Home is not open to the public but Channel 9 was given special permission to film a sneak-peak tour for this episode of Microsoft Campus Tours



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