This is designed so that you can simply create an animated film. It is aimed to be so simple that child could use it to create their own animated movies.

It comes with a HD web cam, simple instruction leaflet and animation software and video software and user instructions all on one disc.

The camera can either be used on its stand or plugged straight into the side of a laptop.

You can use this as a web cam. It is designed to be plug and play but we hit a known bug with vista where it refused to see the Hue camera…but that is a Windows Vista bug and not any fault with the Hue camera.

The HD camera I tested the video image against a Laptop webcam, a Logitech standard definition webcam, the high definition image was much sharper and had the speed to keep up with live movements. The laptop camera was what can we say slow. The standard definition camera was certainly fast enough but the image was not as crisp as the high definition camera.

The video software could be used to record a film, a play a message etc and easily at high quality. Imagine your child is in a play and perhaps the child’s grandparents could not attend you could record your child acting their part and send it over. If you’re going to miss your friend’s birthday you can record a video to be played on the day.

If you tell it to capture a video it get’s you to name you file, set the type of film you want to record..avi?

Set the size of video you want to record and then when you are done simply click stop capture.

The site has tutorials and learning tools so you can really learn to use the features of the software and the camera. There are lots of useful tips and tricks and links to free software to make your animations even better. There are back grounds on the site to pick from or you can use your own photos or pictures as the background.

Then onto the animation software so you can get out the plasticine and get to work on making your own movie!

You can watch your movie while you are making it and use tricks to reverse a move saving time. You can add music and titles and you can share this with family and friends .

You can delete an image if you get it wrong . You have a choice to see in frame view or clip view. You can test your music before adding it to your animation. You can use MP3, wma and wav files. Audio can be clipped or faded. Volume is set on the music bar.

You can add a recording for a commentary for your film

If you are happy with the sound you can add to a separate sound bar so you have music and speech.

Then using the titles bar add your opening credits and pick your preset title and you can customise with colour and size, effects. Then select how your titles will appear whether it is scrolling or typed it. Then there are title entrances and background. You can either use a custom one or browse and add your own image.

Credits sets the animation at the end of your film.

It was very straightforward to use and easy to make your own video/ animation. While it may be aimed at children I think a lot of adults could have heaps of fun with this.

The cost is £59.95 currently and for the camera and software this does seem good value. You can just download the software and use your own webcam for £29.95.  There is also an Apple Mac version too.

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