My name is John Hoole and I will be the new face popping up on TDL from time to time to share my thoughts, insight and reviews on all things tech and just a few things geeky.

My interests lie in technology, IT and Gadgets. I’ll have a go at anything once for example I took my red ringed Xbox 360 apart. Does it now work? Well it now houses a Samsung NC10 motherboard and acts as a file and music server so its win/win really. Well besides I had to buy a new Xbox 360!

I used to work for TalkTalk broadband on their 2nd line support team (No I won’t take a look at your router) and I’ve moved onto CSC doing technical support for British Aerospace amongst other companies. I’m an early adopter and have picked up all IPhones on release and tend to be at the front of the queue for the latest gadgets. The Mrs has just moved in so I’m sure I’m going to go from queuing for the latest gadgets for queuing for the latest shoes but I’m sure I will sneak the odd technological marvel under her nose.

I had a PC with 3 GPUs, a Solid State Hard drive, 6GB of RAM and a Core I7 PSU. I have an IPad, Xtreamer, Xbox 360 and Kinect and a few other things knocking about the house.

My main passion is gaming and one thing I have noticed is no video game reviews on this site. IPad, IPhone, PC and Xbox 360 games could all be reviewed if there is a demand for it on this site.

I look forward to contributing to this site and you can see off topic ramblings on my own site www.johnhoole.com

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