Here’s a quick tip which might help if you are using the Squeezebox software emulator called SqueezeSlave on your HTPC’s and if you’re having problems playing them in sync? Check your network cards Jumbo Frames settings!

I updated the Intel GT Pro network card drivers on my WHS the other day and I must have changed the Jumbo Frame setting – Today I could not get my HTPC and WHS both of which have SqueezeSlave installed to play in sync, the Windows 7 HTPC was playing about 16 seconds behind the music in the other room playing from the WHS box.

Going round in circles playing around with the sync options and delays in the software settings with no joy, I then updated the version of the SqueezeSlave.exe on each machine to the latest version from the web and also updated the Logitech Squeezebox Server software on the WHS box to the latest nightly build, but the problem persisted.

Browsing the Squeezebox Server webpage on the Windows 7 HTPC in IE seemed very slow to load pages and after pressing play on a track I could see the counter counting but would hear no sound until it hit 16 seconds in. I then looked at my laptop which also has SqueezeSlave installed and that was syncing and playing fine with the WHS (No Jumbo Frame setting available on the WIFI NIC properties).

I then remembered I’d updated the NIC drivers on the WHS the week before, checked the Jumbo Frames settings and saw that the Jumbo Frame setting on the WHS was higher than the one set on the HTPC. I set them both the same at 9KB and hey presto the HTPC started playing the tracks immediately and browsing the Squeezebox Server webpage has speeded up no end.

Both the Windows 7 HTPC and the WHS are now playing in sync again with no issues. I thought I’d throw up a quick post about it as this may help someone in the future with a similar problem and also as a reminder for myself!

If you have PC’s around your home – using Squeezebox Server software and SqueezeSlave software, is a free way to have a whole home audio setup – you just need to add a local amplifier and speakers in each room. I use the iPeng iOS app to control it all.

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