If you have a Sonos system and use a AirPort Express there is a free software that will enable multi-room streaming to the Sonos via AirPlay. To get it to working you plug the Airport Express in the ZonePlay’s line-in port and then can use Airplay to play music in sync around your home, Sonos call it party mode and it will be a great addition to the Sonos functionality . There is also an update for the iOS app that adds multi-tasking and the Android app I looked at last week is now available (see this video I recorded for a demo of the Android app)

Details of the update:

Current Software: Version 3.4
Play Apple AirPlay® music sources on Sonos

It’s the only true, multi-room Apple AirPlay® experience.

  • Connect an Apple AirPort Express® to any Sonos ZonePlayer via line-in and wirelessly stream what’s playing on your iPhone®, iPad™, or iPod touch® to any or every room.
  • Party Mode. Send a song from your iOS device to multiple ZonePlayers throughout your home and enjoy that song in every room, simultaneously. Only with Sonos.
  • Different songs, different rooms, Sonos style. Stream different songs from your iTunes library in different rooms. Only with Sonos.
  • Experience superior 802.11n wireless performance, via SonosNet, using an AirPort Express. Only with Sonos.
Multi-task on your favorite iOS device

Start playing your music even faster with multi-tasking updates available on:

  • Sonos Controller for iPhone
  • Sonos Controller for iPad
Take control with the free Sonos Controller for Android app

Transform your favorite Android™ smartphone into a wireless music controller

  • Find and play any song, in any room, right from your phone.
  • Use voice search to find any artist, album or track by simply speaking into your phone.
  • Type on the touch screen or physical keyboard to find your favorite artist, then browse through albums with a flick.
  • View full-screen and thumbnail views of album art.
  • Connects to Sonos over your home WiFi network.
  • Download it for free from Android Market™.
  • Available worldwide, in English only.

via cultofmac.com

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