Today was the press and trade day of the Gadget Show Live show. The event held at the NEC in Birmingham is a mixture of exhibiters showing off technology and retailers selling products. So you have companies like Asus showing off their latest tablets along side vendors selling iPhone cases. While it doesn’t match anything like the scale of CES it is nice to be able to cover the show floor in a couple of hours rather than a week.

I have some videos that I will be posting over the next couple days, Asus tablets, HP Touchpad, ViewQuest home media system, Broadway TV tuner for iPad, Popbox, Sonos and may other.

One thing I did notice was that there were tablets and slates everwhere, just like at CES they were all over the show. Some like HP’s Touchpad looked really nice and some other looks cheap and I have to say nasty.

Garry, Andrew and I also recorded this weeks edition of The Digital Lifestyle Show, its always fun to meetup and record in person.


IMG 1055

IMG 1060

Asus dual screen tablet


IMG 1062

Asus’s Tablet with detachable keyboard


IMG 1069

Popbox Media Streamer


IMG 1082

Tablets Everywhere


IMG 1088

You will not lose this notebook for Sony


IMG 1096

Microsoft had a large Xbox 360 presence but on the PC front there was not so much a presence


IMG 1135

HP Touchpad

IMG 1123

View Quest DAB Radio we are giving away on TDL


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