Welcome one and all to this weeks TDL Mobile show!

This week we have a very special show for you as we are lucky enough to have Ed Bott as a guest!

We talk Microsoft, past, present and future and how we think their mobile plans are forming.  We also delve into IP TV and what that means for content consumption on the move in the future and Ed gives us his thoughts on WP7 updates and what the future holds there from what he saw at MIX11.

Enjoy the show and as always please get in touch!

Show Notes:

Question: Can Microsoft still be a significant player in the consumer mobile space?

Tablet and Slates
Metro UI to fully replace Windows UI
Better application experience using market place
Windows Phone (2010)
Metro & Tile based UI
Nokia devices due Q3/4 of 2011
Microsoft and Nokia Sign the Definitive Agreement
Risk of carriers hindering success by “delaying” updates
Should MS bypass them
MIX 11 – Mango
Living Room Media
Could Xbox be the key to success
Possibility of future content being IP based
Some key partnerships already in place (Sky, Netflix, Zune)
Portable Media Players
No international launch for Zune
Market moved away from dedicated music devices

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