IMG_1055Here are some of the pics from Gadget Show Live this week, I took my kids yesterday and they had a great time.  They really enjoyed the gaming section especially the 3rd gaming including the F1 simulator.

It was interesting to compare the tablets and slates, I was most impressed with HP’s Touchpad and it will be interesting to see how HP price it as I think it has the best change of competing against the iPad. I was less impressed with the budget Android Tablets, yes I know they are cheap but they felt it.

One of the highlights was playing Manic Minor on an original 48k Spectrum. Checkout my videos from the show including a good look at the tablets and media streamers


Tablets Everywhere



Interesting devices like the Broadway 2T Tuner, 3D notebooks and arcade machines.




Gadget watches, DAB iPhone dock from View Quest, gaming PCs and R2D2




Retro Zone with a ZX Spectrum (my personal favourite), Commodore 64



Astro Wars and other vintage computers




I still have my Apple Newton


5 thoughts on “Picture Gallery from the Gadget Show Live”
  1. I often break out the ol’ Speccy for a game of Chukie Egg. Classic. (I don’t ever use the Microdrive gizmo though – that skinny tape loop was hit and miss back in the 80’s)!

    I still can’t find a good use for my Sam Coupé (with it’s 3″ Amstrad style floppy drive) though – that fella never did take off did it 🙂

        1. Yeah, that was a great show. Happy days!

          Unfortunately my hair line gets more like Clive’s everyday 🙁

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