Developer Patchou wanted a way to change the colours and fonts in Windows Media Center and so has created his own addin. The addin works by only modifiying settings in memory and does not make any changes to system files. The addin changes not only the standard Media Center functions but also changes the text on 3rd party addins, while it doesn’t add any pictures or anything like that its great if you feel the need to change the fonts of Media Center

Download Media Center Themer 1.10 (released April 8th 2011)


What is Media Center Themer?

The goal of Media Center Themer is simple: customize the look of the text that is displayed in Media Center. It does so by modifying parameters in memory while Media Center is running. No file is patched on disk and although the possibilities are currently limited, the tool still allows to do specific customizations not possible before with traditional “edit&replace resources” methods. Here are some of the main advantages of Media Center Themer:

  • Designed to work exclusively in Windows 7. Both x86 and x64 platforms are supported, as well as the SP1 of Windows 7.
  • All the text displayed by Media Center is altered by Media Center Themer, this includes text displayed by third party add-ons (like My Movies, Heatwave, …).
  • Changes are applied at runtime based on attributes combinations, not static definitions made in Media Center’s resources. As a result, color, font name and font size can be applied differently to various areas of Media Center, in combinations that were not possible before.
  • Your installation of Media Center is not altered in any way: your changes will resist updates made to Media Center, including additional packages being installed automatically or manually (if you heard about dSM directories and StartResources.dll, they’re covered).

What Media Center Themer doesn’t do (at least, not yet) is change the pictures and other resource of Media Center. You’ll have to continue to use tools such as Media Center Studio to do that. For all your text color and font needs though, Media Center Themer will be at your service. More information about the software and the way it works is available in the help file that’s installed with the rest of the package.

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