Yesterday Microsoft UK launched the Windows Collection, a collection designed to showcasing the wide range of Windows PC available to buy. Microsoft have selected 30 PCs to represent the variety of form factors available.  Microsoft’s UK managing director Ashley Highfield told TechRadar

“One size can’t fit all,” Highfield told TechRadar. “PCs are not a niche market and people have ever more sophisticated needs.

“The Windows Collection is about showcasing the best machines in key areas.The PC is at the heart of the home network, and people want a personal machine that is personalised for them.

“We have 30 computers from nine different OEMs and we are hoping that we are showing that where others are zigging, we are zagging.”

The devices are split by category, so in what Microsoft call Everyday PCs you get notebooks like Sony VAIO C and HP Pavilion dm4. In the Mobile category where are tablets like the Inconia Tab and lightweight notebooks like the Lenovo IdeaPad.

In the professional section there are models from Toshiba and Dell but I was drawn to the Entertainment computer section which featured the HP TouchSmart 610 and the Sony VAIO L but interestingly no small factor Media Center PCs. There is also a section for gaming PCs.

Microsoft say:

There has never been a more exciting time to buy a new PC. Now you can experience the full power of the web with Internet Explorer 9, choose from a wide range models in style, size and colour to suit your lifestyle. With touch screens and tablets that let you get even closer to your content. Whatever you’re looking for in a PC, you’ll find it in The Collection, from Windows.

It seems Microsoft UK are trying to hightlight the versititly of the PC which I think is a great idea but it woudl have been nice to see some Media Center type PCs.

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