Today at the Gadget Show Live Hauppauge launched a new TV tuner designed to stream TV to an iPad or iPhone. The Broadway 2T tuner is a standalone box that you connect to your network (wired or wifi) and has dual Freeview tuners built in to it that will enable streaming of the TV signal to an iOS device either over your home network or the internet. As well as the TV tuner it also has USB and video inputs so you could stream video from a USB devices, webcam or a set top box.  On the iPad you use the web based UI where you can watch live TV and browse the built in EPG.

I think for iPad or iPhone users the box could be really interesting, Garry and I met up with Hauppauge today and recorded some video today so look out for that over the next couple of days. While this will not work with Windows Media Center you can use it on a PC via their software and there is the possibility of an Android version soon

The normal price is £181.94 with special offers at the show

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BROADWAY by PCTV Systems is a new way to watch live TV on your Apple® iPhone® and iPad® – at home via Wi-Fi or around the world via the Internet.

BROADWAY 2T by PCTV Systems is a brand new solution to stream live-TV to your Apple® iPhone and iPad – at home and anywhere via the Internet.
Imagine, you watch your home TV program on your iPhone in a cafe in Paris or a hotel lobby in Las Vegas – in perfect quality. BROADWAY is a networked TV receiver with two integrated DVB-T tuners and support for the ultra-fast 802.11n wireless network standard.
BROADWAY brings your home DVB-T signal or live video from your analog camera wirelessly to mobile Apple® devices – the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch or streams it throughout your home to any PC.


Broaway sleeve

Broadway front

Broaway back

Get TV on your iPad® and iPhone® – instantly!

BROADWAY is a small stand alone device which connects to your Freeview TV aerial and streams live TV wirelessly to mobile Apple® devices – the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Live TV can be watched over your home Wi-Fi network or it can be streamed over the Internet anywhere in the world where your Apple device has an Internet connection.

The BROADWAY networked TV receiver features two Freeview DVB-T tuners, hardware H.264 compression and support for the ultra-fast 802.11n wireless network (Wi-Fi) standard. It connects to your home Wi-Fi router, converts the live TV signal to H.264 format and streams it wirelessly to mobile Apple devices as well as to any PC or Mac.

Now you have access to DVB-T everywhere at your home – even if you live in an area with weak DVB-T signal.

The set-up is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Connect a DVB-T aerial to Broadway
2. Connect Broadway to your Wi-Fi router
3. Using Wi-Fi on your Apple mobile device, PC or Mac,open a browser and type in
You can now fully control Broadway. Scan for TV channels and set up an Internet connection to Broadway.


On your PC, the included all-new TVCenter 6 software makes it easy to watch, time shift and record live TV from BROADWAY. The Dual-Tuner of BROADWAY 2T enables TV streaming to an iPhone or iPad and a PC at the same time.

BROADWAY is also equipped with an Audio/Video input. Thus, by connecting an analog camera to BROADWAY, you turn it into a remote surveillance solution for your iPad or iPhone.

BROADWAY by PCTV Systems comes with a mini rod antenna, TVCenter 6 for Windows, a wall mounting kit and a printed Quick-Install manual.

Stream TV wirelessly to iPhone and iPad

Imagine you can watch your home TV program on your iPhone in a cafe or hotel lobby far from home. BROADWAY streams Live-TV via your home router to your iPhone and iPad wherever you are.

Watching TV on your mobile Apple® device works in your home network (Wi-Fi) as well as over the Internet (Wi-Fi hotspot and 3G).

Stream TV wirelessly to your Mac or Windows PC

Watch live TV on your Mac, anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection, using the Mac Safari web browser. If you have a PC, you can use the included TVCenter 6 to watch live TV wirelessly, plus pause, rewind and schedule TV recordings.

Stream live cam video to iPhone and iPad

Connect an analog camera to BROADWAY and stream live video and audio from your home to your iPhone and iPad.

2 thoughts on “Hauppauge Launch PCTV Broadway 2T Tuner for TV Streaming to iPad and iPhone”
  1. PCTV is on the right track with this release, but they seem to be following a path already made. This T2 seems to be a Sling Box with a ridiculous price tag on it. I use the remote access app from my employer, DISH Network, to stream live TV and DVR recordings remotely to my phone. I couldn’t be happier paying only 99 dollars for my Sling adapter.

  2. The benefit of using PCTV Broadway is you have an out-of-the-box solution. Place it anywhere with good TV reception, turn it on and open up on you iOS device. No cable connections, no wires. All works over WiFi 🙂

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