I stumbled across a Media Center application i hadn’t heard of before called QVIVO. The system seems to have been around since last year and is billed as a Social Media Center application with Facebook integration plus a music and video store. There are version for the Mac and PC with mobile version coming soon.

I have to say looks really nice, you add watched folders and then it downloads the artwork and metadata. The principle behind QVIVO reminds me of Boxee but without the app model, once the iPad and iPhone apps become available I could see this being an interesting platform, I am not really into the social side of it but I know its going to be popular with some people.  In the mean time I will play around with QVIVO and will let you know how I get on with it. The screen shots bellow are from the PC and Mac versions I played around with.

If you have tried QVIVO let me know how you got on with it









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