DVBLogic have today released an update to the very popular DVBLink TVSource application. This is primarily a bug-fix release with some additional support for extra transponders and tuners.


From the post on the DVBLogic forum:


DVBLink TVSource v3.2.2 is available!
v3.2.2 is the cumulative update that includes the following (previously released as patches) fixes:
– fix for “Unable to show this channel…” message after background EPG scan (usually happens overnight)
– fix for not working multiple (USB) tuners of the same type
– fix for TT3650CI – bdaapiOpenCI has returned error 14
– fix for “This product does not require registration” message even if the product is not registered yet
Also v3.2.2 includes
– updated transponder files
– support for TBS 5921, 5980, 5922, 6922, 8922, 6925, 6984 and 69856 tuners
How to install:
– Run DVBLinkSetup.exe from Setup folder. It will both install new version or update existing version to a new one.
The versions of all binary files (exe and dll) should be
DVBLink TVSource v3.2.2 is available for download from the main page of our website http://www.dvblogic.com.

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