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Last year the BBC launched their BBC iPlayer app for the iPad enabling you to watch BBC content on the iPad, it nice to be able to watch BBC content on the go but I could never get it to work via 3G. Today Channel 4 launched the 4oD app that brings you Channel 4 content to the iPad.  The app works pretty well, you can navigate by category or search for a show and unlike the BBC app works very well via a 3G connection so if you out and about and have some time to kill you can watch Channel 4 shows.

On the down side you have to watch a 1 minute pre-roll advert which could get annoying pretty quick but the app is free so I guess this what you have to expect.

On the info page the description says “free to download for a limited time only” so it look like they may charge for the app in future.

So get downloading and watch the IT Crowd


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