Hi everyone,

I’d like to thank Ian for inviting me to join his blogging team on The Digital Lifestyle.com, so I’ll introduce myself…

A media center user since 2005, living in Yorkshire with my wife and 4 dogs, with an interest in getting the best experience possible from integrating Sky and Media Center.  My wife is a very critical tester, and with her being a teacher, if I’ve been messing with testing some new software, and there are problems, I get the teacher look!  It’s a look that can chill you to the bone.

Over the past 6 years, my interest in getting the quietest possible, most functionally complete and most reliable media center system has remained high, although surprisingly after all this time, I think I’m only on my third motherboard, in our home-built HTPC.

My background again is in IT, having worked previously as an IT teacher, Systems Administrator and now working for a large US IT company (not Microsoft before anyone asks!), as a support engineer, so I have a varied exposure to IT and plenty of experience in diagnosing problems and attempting to find solutions.

I don’t expect to be blogging on a daily basis, just as and when media center news appears that affects and interests me, or when new software is released that may benefit my setup, and make an already pretty reliable system, that bit better.

So I’ll start preparing my next post about my current setup, and where I’ve come from in the past, and where I hope to improve on it in the near future…


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