Windows Phone 7 users will finally start seeing the NoDo updates coming for their phones. The update which brings Copy and Paste, improved Market Place searching and other fixes should start being offered to Windows Phones over the next couple of weeks. The first phones to get the update will be the non carrier specific devices once again highlighting the problem with carriers blocking updates.

Microsoft need to build up some momentum with Windows Phone 7, early adopters need rewarding with frequent updates and Microsoft need to show they have learnt from the Windows Mobile days and keep the OS progressing and not stagnating. I know plenty of Windows Phone users are really fustrated about the pace of updates but love the platform and Microsoft risk loosing the good will of the enthusiast.

Lets hope that this update doesn’t get blocked by carriers (winrumours say 24th for OS UK users) and that Windows Phone users get the updates they want (and need)

via winrumours


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