Another tech filled week has flown by so Jon and Sheldon are here to bring you the latest news from the mobile world.

This week we look at more rumoured delays for Windows Phone 7 updates, the slightly early release of iOS 4.3, iPhone personal HotSpot nightmares thanks to the carriers and top it off with some tablet news and the exciting prospects of WebOS on all of HPs devices going forward.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


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Show Notes

Windows Phone 7 cut and paste coming late March
mango may not arrive until 2012
Microsoft’s mobile fortunes tied to app developers
Microsoft working on audio visual service named Ventura could replace Zune Music
iOS 4.3 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Out Now
iPhone Personal Hotspot: another excuse for the networks to rip us off
RIM Playbook to get 7Digital Music Store
RIM says tablets will relegate smartphones to ‘pure communications’ devices
Microsoft Start Promoting Windows Slates “It’s Very PC/It’s Not Very PC”
HP to put WebOS on all PC’s from 2012
TDL Mobile Forum on TDL

App of the Week:

Boxee remote for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 

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