Ive never really been happy with my solution for ripping DVD’s.  For years I have used Slysoft Any DVD to rip DVD’s in to a Video TS  folder structure  and my movies to get the metadata.  This has worked well for playback on the main media centre although I had to leave the 10ft interface to do the rip,  but has never provided the flexability I wanted  as it had a number of limitations.


1) Would not play back on an extender

2) It was hassle to create a compatible file for playback on an ipod due the multiple VOB files.

3)  There was not an easy way to burn a backup DVD 


Reading a post by Ian on TDL  I came across   Auto Rip and Compress    http://thegreenbutton.com/forums/t/81697.aspx.  This makes use of the Any DVD I have but supports other ripping tools and enables me to Rip both DVD’s and Blue rays ( not yet checked) to lossless .wtv file format at a speed similar to a straight Video TS rip.

What’s nice is it is a MCE 10ft interface and can even get the metadata if you don’t have my movies

So with this  I get direct playback on my extender,  I can use the standard windows burn DVD capability in media centre.

My next step is to test with  http://mcebuddy.com/ and see if I can also get these on to my ipod.  Im hopefull.


Highly recommended.






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  1. Mark, thanks for posting. I’ve seen the product and the thread at the green button, but never went to try because my process for ripping dvd/blurays was tried and true and fairly simple. That said, I’m all about trying something if it can make it easier.

    I’d be curious how your eval of the bluray option goes. Like you I have extenders (xbox’s and dma’s) and found that I have to transcode blurays for them to play on the extenders because they can’t handle the high bitrates of bluray. Please do post back and verifiy if that’s still the case or if its possible to rip bluray to wtv in a decent speed and have them work with extenders.

    Also, love the idea of getting the metadata, what service is the system using for that?

  2. The system is using GD3 for the metadata as detailed in the green button post.

    I’ll try and test the Blueray when I get a moment but time is limited.

  3. Well It looks like things are not quote as rosy. I tested the Blueray side of things tonight and when selecting the output format the option to rip to pure wtv is gone only giving the option to save a H264wtv, mkv, mp4. I need to test all combinations but Ian has previously said h264wtv will not play on an extender. So still a big improvement but No cigar yet.

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