As Ian mentioned in his post earlier today, the Xtreamer Ultra is up for pre-order and I’ve got to be honest, I’m looking pretty hard at these! 

Now, before you go and base your opinion of the Xtreamer devices (being Android) from what you may have heard about Google TV not
living up to expectations initially, there are things that need to be
realized.  First off, what we see on Google TV currently as an operating
system can barely be called Android in the first place.  While I’m not
so sure how good of an idea it was for Google to rush Google TV out the
door before  they had a proper OS on it, it is what it is and I feel confident that Google TV will flourish once this is fixed.  Hopefully
Google’s Marketing department knows what they are doing because the latest Android based Media Streamers that are coming out are some pretty sweet devices and give the current iterations of Google TV a big wake up call!  We’re talking about the OS / Interface as well as hardware…especially hardware, in fact!


Recently, I discussed the latest two Xtreamer entries in the Streaming Media Player wars (which are really heating up these days as Android starts to flex its muscle in this absolutely exploding market) in HSI’s latest series dedicated to finding the best media streamers out there.  While many have been embroiled in discussions on whether “the HTPC is dead” (my last article) or not because of the direction that Microsoft is taking Windows Embedded platforms, others like Xtreamer have realized the power of Android and have taken steps in blurring the line between a “digital media streamer” and a “Home Theater PC (HTPC)” by actually “tagging” their upcoming Xtreamer Ultra with “HTPC MINI-ITX”.  If anything, this further emphasizes my points in refusing to accept that the HTPC is anywhere close to being dead when the actual definition of an HTPC seems to be evolving right along with technology.



Still on the fence?  Check out more about the Xtreamer Ultra Streaming Media Player and then let us know your answer to this question in the comments below:  Will Android end up dominating the “Connected Home” as it is on it’s way (being respectful to Apple fans) to doing in the Smartphone market?

Let us know what you think!


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