Apple Launch the iPad 2

If you were on twitter tonight you could’t help but notice that Apple launched the iPad 2 today. I am sure lots of other sites will go in to details but I thought I would post my initial impressions. Basically it looks like evolution of the original iPad which is definitely not a bad thing.

The iPad 2 is thiner coming in just over 8 inches (33% reduction), lighter (15% lighter than the first iPad ) and more powerful and the previous device. The iPad 2 is powered by dual-core A5 processor which will enable better gaming, multitasking and will should see more power hungry apps like video editing and content creation apps running on the iPad, its going to be interesting to see if task move away the PC and get done on the iPad, I can certainly see me editing video and pictures on the iPad . The iPad 2 has front and rear cameras so you can use it for Facetime and HD video recording, so far I have never used Facetime on my iPhone so I can’t see my using it on the iPad either but its nice to have the option. I like the look of the iPad Smart Cover, it’s a magnetic cover that automatically wakes up the iPad when you take it off and can transforms it to a stand, it also comes in a range of colours so you can have yours with a pink cover!

So while I see the iPad is a nice evolution of the iPad range I am not going to be rushing out to get one yet, I really like my iPad and find it extremely useful especially when travelling and I don’t feel the need to upgrade at the moment.

The other thing that Apple announced today was the iOS 4.3 update that is coming to the iPad and iPhone,the update improves Airplay so you will be able to stream photos, apps and websites to an Apple TV.   So again a nice evolution of the operating system and it will be interesting to see what we can do with Airplay, it could make the  and Apple TV much more useful.

More info from Apple and I imagine the every other web site in the world 🙂







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